The Asymmetrical Twist

The Asymmetrical Twist

The side-swoop bun can be as polished or imperfect as you want it to be, just gather a rat tail comb, teasing brush, hair elastic, and bobby pins.

1. Using your rat tail comb, section off a portion of hair at the crown of your head.

2. Holding your hair with one hand, take your teasing brush and gently tease the sectioned off portion of hair.

3. Release your teased hair and — with your brush — gently blend it back with the rest, making sure not to flatten the body you’ve created. Now, gather it into a low side-ponytail.

4. Start twisting your hair away from you.

5. Twist your hair into a bun, tucking the ends under when you finish.

6. Grab those bobby pins and start pinning everything in place.

7. Depending on how polished you want your bun to be, pin until you can’t pin any more!