The Overgrown Bang Twist

One of the most annoying things about bangs is when they grow out. Don’t want to bother getting them trimmed anytime soon? No problem, here is a quick and simple way to get them out of your face while keeping them volumized with no braiding.

To start off clip the front sections of your hair to the back (optional) and then section off your bangs from the rest of your hair.

Step 1. Pick up a thin portion of hair from where your bangs begin
Step 2. Split the portion into two sections.
Step 3. Place the strand furthest from your face over the one that is closet to your face and let it hang.
Step 4. Then take some hair at the bottom and add them in with the stand that’s hanging and bringing it up into the twist.
Step 5. Continue picking up hair from the bottom stand and adding it to the twist like you would a French braid.
Step 6. Once you feel like you got enough hair twisted, continue twisting the two strands without picking up any hair
Step 7. Pin the twisted hair to the side.
Steps 8 / 9. Tug the twists in opposite directions to loosen it up and give volume.

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