The Braided Headband

Hello everyone! Today I am back showing you all how to do the braided headband. This is a super cute spring and summer look that many celebrities wear during the season. It’s chic and steps up any outfit you wear whether it is for the beach, lazy day at home, a quick shift at your summer job, or on a cute date. And guess what? You can get this look in under just five steps and 5 minutes and you can be out the door ready for the day.

Steps 1 / 2: Brush out your nappies. Tangles are not idle for this hair tutorial and you need to have nice smooth hair so that your braid comes out not to frizzy. (You can wear this look with curly hair as long as your curls are not frizzy.)

Step 3: Pick a strand of hair from the underneath side of your hair so you can hide the start of the braid. (Hint: Girls with short hair don’t fret you can get a simple extension piece for as cheap as $9 from Ulta which is where I picked mine up at. They look really nice and are good quality.)

Step 4: Now start braiding your hair piece. I am doing the traditional braid;however, the fishtail braid is cute this way too. I have tried both and they are both a very big hit. And tie it off with a clear elastic.

Step 5: Now just bobby pin it into place on the underneath of the opposite side of your head. Just like a headband would look. (Blondes here is a tip use a clear bobby pin so you can hide the braid easier.)

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