DIY Big Floppy Hair Bow Tutorial...

DIY Big Floppy Hair Bow Tutorial...

1. Pull your hair up into a ponytail at the back/center of your head... and on your last go-around with the elastic, only pull half of your hair through, creating a large loop. The larger the loop, the larger and floppier your bow will be, the smaller your loop, the smaller your bow will be. NOTE: I have a LOT OF HAIR. This will be much simpler if you have shorter and/or finer hair.

2. Split your loop in half.

3. Twist each loop so it resembles a bow rather than a loop.

4. Slide your palm through your bow loop to flatten it and using your large bobby pins & on the inside loop hairs, pin from top to bottom and bottom to top. Use as many as you need. Do this on both sides but disguise your pins under your hair.

4. Grab the remaining hairs hanging down and pull them up over the center of your hair loops.

5. Turn the ends under {so hairs don't stick out the top} and pin the underside down at the base of your ponytail elastic.

6. Hair spray to finish.