The Grand Bouffant

The Grand Bouffant  

Feeling inspired by our latest stylebook? Try a bouffant! Achieving a bouffant that holds is seriously simple — just grab your rat tail comb, teasing brush, bobby pins, and hairspray!

1. Using your rat tail comb, section off two portions of hair: the front-most section, and the crown. Get the front portion out of the way by pushing it forward, Cousin It-style, or gathering it into an elastic.

2. Next, lightly tease the section at your crown.

3. Twist that section into a small bun, securing with bobby pins.

4. You may have to play around with placement, depending on where you wish your bouffant to be.

5. Now, take the front portion of hair and, using your teasing brush, tease like crazy!

6. Once the front portion is teased, lay it over your bun and, using your rat tail comb, tame any fly-aways and blend the sides.

7. Now, being sure to keep your bun covered, gather your teased hair and push up until you’ve achieved your desired bouffant height.

8. Pin in place using your bobby pins. From here, you can leave the back down, gather it into a ponytail, or take cue from our styl book and sport some vintage-inspired pigtails!