Step 1) Nonchalance and structure are key, so don't brush your hair too much. I left in curls from the day before, for some volume. Part your hair and make a braid on one or both sides. These can be as big or small as you want, I use a string of hair that's about 4 cm's wide.

Step 2) Tease the back part of your hair slightly to create a bit of a poof on the top of your head.

Step 3) Pull the braids to the side and pin them at the back of your head (at ear hight) with a bobby pin in the same color as your hair.

Step 4) Grab all your hair now and make a high, slightly messy ponytail. It should have a bit of 'umph' or structure because you didn't brush your hair completely to begin with and due to the teasing. Pin away any loose ends at the back of your neck.

Step 5) Braid the ponytail. If you braid it tightly the structure will show best once it's wrapped in to a bun. I like this look best when it's not too polished, so use pieces of hair that are slightly different in width or pull some ends out of the braid.
Step 6) Start rolling the braid around the ponytails hair elastic and set the end with two bobby pins or with another elastic (in that case pull some of the bun over it, to cover it).