Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial

Step 1: Use your hair brush to brush through all of the hair to ensure there are no knots and tangles before your start braiding. Pop in your hair extensions to add gorgeous length and thickness.
Step 2: Next, you need to decide which side you’d like the braid to be on; I’m going to use the right side to create my waterfall braid hair tutorial.
Step 3: You then need to take your styling comb and create your parting. I think the waterfall braid tends to look more chic when braided onto a side parting, so take your styling comb and take it over a little from your middle parting.

Step 4: Take your styling comb and begin to section from the front of your hair line. This section shouldn’t be too big, just enough to start the braiding.  Split this section into three equal pieces and begin to create a three strand braid.
Step 5: Making sure you are braiding along your head, not downwards, is key to this look, otherwise you will end up with a droopy looking braid!
Step 6: Once you have started your braid you will be adding sections from the top of your hair not the underneath!! This is how you get the effect of the waterfall.  So, each time you are braiding, you will be adding a section from the top of the hair and continuing to braid, dropping the section that you have just braided and then braiding and adding a section from the top again. So, you braid, add a section from the top, drop the section you have just braided to fall down with the rest of the hair, braid, add another section from the top, braid, drop the section you have just braided, and braid!  Continue doing the above steps until you are half way around your head.
Step 7: Secure your waterfall braid with a bobby pin to hold in place; it may be worth criss-crossing the bobby pins to ensure maximum hold throughout your festival fun filled day and night!
Step 8: Now you need to tend to the bottom of your hair; so as it’s for a festival, you won’t really be armed with heated styling tools. Do not fear, lovely friends, the waterfall braid looks so much more chic with messier hair underneath, so give it a tousle and play around with your hands! This is what I like to do.
Step 9: Spritz with hairspray to flatten any wispy bits of hair sticking out and then you’re ready to show off your waterfall braid and enjoy festival fun times!

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