Boney Braid Hair Tutorial

  • Step 1:

Brush through all of the hair to untangle any knots and to ensure the hair is smooth before styling begins. If you are adding your hair extensions for thickness and length for this look then be sure to add these now.  You may need to play around with the placement of them so they are well disguised for styling or you could make it easier with a Wrap Around Ponytail.

  • Step 2:

Using your hair brush, pull back all of your hair into a neat ponytail. The ponytail should sit around the middle of your head, not too high and not too low!

  • Step 3:

Next, take your styling comb and pull up a section from the top of your ponytail. Using your comb, take the section from straight across, so you are left with a small section of hair from the ponytail and the rest of your hair is still hanging down in the ponytail.

  • Step 4:

The small section of hair will be used to start the braid, so separate this into 3 equal sections and begin to braid a three strand braid. Only start it off here as you will be adding more sections in the next step…

  • Step 5:

Now, listen up carefully! This technique is very similar to a fishtail braid, so if you’re already familiar with that you will most probably find this easy! If not, well then you should still find it easy too.

The trick with this technique is when you are adding sections to the braid you pull them down and straight, leaving it all quite loose. You do not, I repeat, do not add a section and curve them in to the braid to create a neat and tight braid, trust me, there is method to the madness!

  • Step 6:

So now you have been briefed you can begin to add sections to your boney braid. Start taking the section from the right side of where you have started off your three strand braid, remember to pull down when you are adding the section into the braid. Continue this to the ends of the hair.

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