Pink and Gold - Nail Tutorial

This week I've been wearing my nails in this pin k and gold design, shown in the past 2 posts! Everywhere I have been this week people have been asking me how I did it, even my dentist was amazed! So here's an easy tutorial for you to get this look yourself.

Step 1. You will need a base colour, a colour for your triangle shape (I think this looks best with a metallic colour), a top coat, a nail file and buffer and a roll of selotape.
Step 2. Clean the nail of any existing nail varnish and file and buff the nail to shape.
Step 3. Apply your base colour, I have chosen this neon pink from China Glaze (1006 Pink Voltage Neon)
Step 4. Stick two small pieces of selotape together to form a triangle shape, and stick this to you nail.
Step 5. Paint over the selotape in your second colour, I have chosen a gold from Barry M (320 Foil)
Step 6. Peel this off carefully to reveal your triangle.
Step 7. Apply a top coat and you're done! woooo

This technique can be so versatile, and selotape can be used to make anything! Gem Fatale recently showed us to make stripes on nails using selotape on Channel 4's 'Super Scrimpers' (which I highly recommend you watch for her amazing beauty tips!) I've been thinking about using selotape to create a diagonal line across the nail, but who knows!
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