Picture-perfect Short Hair Tutorials

Step 1. Using your comb, start by separating out the hair that will be part of your victory roll.
Step 2. Clip this section of hair out of the way and, using your curling iron, curl the remainder of your hair.
Step 3. Curl the front side section away from your face, spritz all over with hairspray.
Step 4.  Un-clip the front section and, using your curling iron, curl it up and away from your face. It may take a few tries to get all those little pieces curled!
Step 5. – 6. After setting the curl with hairspray, re-curl it using your fingers and hold in place.
Step 7. Decide on placement and pin into place using your bobby pins. Set with hairspray.
Step 8. Gather the front side section of hair, twist, and pin into place.
Step 9. – 10. If you’ll be adding an accessory, like the fresh dahlia we used, pin into place with a bobby pin.